Dec 18, 2012

Facebook Snapchat-like Feature Soon to Win Users Hearts

I am not familiar with this app called Snapchat but after I checked it out, I see the reason why Facebook is setting gears in motion to create the same for their users.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a photo-messaging service that allows users to send photos that is set to self-destruct after a specific period, say 1-2 minutes.

You might ask, what is the point of taking a picture and sending it to someone only to destroy it right after?

Apparently, these photos are not taken from a reunion, a church service or anything that includes a common courtesy for decency.

In fact, the practice of using Snapchat is often referred to as “Sexting,” as users commonly use the service to exchange nude photos of each other. If you were bold enough for a fleeting moment and shared a photo of yourself unclothed, would you like Snapchat to archive it for future use? No way!

Facebook and Photos

With the way photos are overflowing on our Facebook archive, it is plain to see where Facebook is heading with this plan of a photo-messaging self-destructing service. Not that Facebook is going into the sexy and shady side of the business (if you know what I mean) but my guess is that Facebook is trying to steal Snapchat users and make them prefer the social network to it.

Think of it, if Snapchat users know about Facebook rolling out the same feature and with their friends all on the site, they will no doubt jump ship in a matter of seconds, leaving Snapchat bereft of users.

The day that this photo-messaging service rolls out will be the doomsday for Snapchat. It seems like Facebook is extending its arms trying to usurp every working and successful app service it can get its hands on.

Will you use this feature once it is available on Facebook? Or do you find this Snapchat-like photo-messaging service disturbing?



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