Aug 30, 2012

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Aug 27, 2012

Bill Nye Is Not Dead Yet

He's now very trending on Twitter because of rumors that he's dead. Do you think Twitter should avoid trending like this? Cause it's nonsense.

Twitter Trending Today: "R.I.P. Bill Nye The Science Guy"


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Aug 16, 2012

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Aug 15, 2012

Happy Bday DJ Danger!

Wait, who? If you’ve been living under the rock, you might be clueless who the birthday shout out goes out to. Well, let’s try a different twist: Happy Birthday Joe Jonas! Now, how did that ring to ya?

Joseph Adam Jonas was born in Case Grande, Arizona on this day – August 15th. Joe started out strutting on the ramp of fame when he guest starred in an episode of a Nickelodeon show Hannah Montana along with his brothers Nick, Frankie and Kevin.

However, it was on the all-popular, chart-topping movie Camp Rock that the brothers solidified their presence as a pop stars rocking the band “Connect Three” on the Disney Channel original movie. Joe was able to reprise his role in the movie’s sequel Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam alongside Camp Rock’s darling Demi Lovato.

The Jonas Brothers filmed their own reality show Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream allowing their fans to tune in to their everyday lives on the band’s Look Me In The Eyes Tour. In 2010, Joe rose to become a solo artist and a year later released a full length album called Fastlife.

To this day, he’s been known as Dj Danger. Is it because of his tendency to break hearts?

Aug 7, 2012

Facebook Facing Criticisms

With users in every part of the world numbering to over 900 million and still going up, Facebook is no doubt the largest social media network in the World Wide Web. Although it has set its age limit for users to 18 years old, it is said that even children maintain account by posting fake ages and personal information. And since there is no way for Facebook management group to find out the true personal data of these minor users, young members continue to increase. Although most of these juvenile members are said to be using the site mostly for games only, the risk of their being exposed to adult content and posts remains. Herein then lies one of the privacy issues of Facebook, which doomsayers believe will eventually cause the downfall of this social media site.

Recent Site Changes

Very prominent on Facebook these days are the recent site changes on its applications and functions. One controversial alteration introduced early this year is the use of timeline, which has become mandatory in most accounts. Numerous members have been complaining that the new timeline altered their old privacy settings that some posts, which were meant to be private, have now become public. If the user is not aware of such modification, he will be caught off guard because then he will not think of checking his privacy options as he believes it is still on the same locked state as it was before the new timeline was introduced. This failure on the part of Facebook has gained a lot of flak from members, some of whom have threatened to leave the site forever due to this delicate security issue.

More Complaints

Facebook may have meant well when it started to incorporate somewhat drastic changes on the site. However majority of the users do not appreciate the sudden transformations especially because they were implemented with not much option for the members. Wall photos have splashed the newsfeeds with rants from disgruntled users, egging others to put up protests against Facebook admin for seemingly screwing up the old settings. On the other hand though, there are also users who easily adapted to the new set up, though their compliance may not absolutely mean they have no qualms against Facebook’s shortcomings.

Nuisance Applications

Another prominent glitch on Facebook is the nuisance applications that are practically shoved to the members though they are not up to use these features. Among these apps are game invites, video and site links and most importantly, the spam links that clutter and infect members’ accounts. When infected with these spam posts, users are advised to change their privacy setting including their passwords. This may work for a while but it can reoccur at any time and for this, Facebook seems to be helpless.
Further criticisms surface everyday from irked Facebook users and yet the site remains to be a strong and stalwart social media network. Social media watchers believe that while it is true Facebook cannot completely solve the problems of the site that cause dissatisfaction among members, the site has become a sort of necessary tool to many. Many say that despite some malfunctions, Facebook is here to stay and people will continue to get drawn to it. 

Aug 3, 2012

Simulating Olympic Videos on YouTube

With the wonders of technology and the presence of so many talented techie people around, the creation and production of great videos on YouTube no longer comes as surprise. If you are a YouTube follower, you are well aware that the channel abounds with videos of all kind – great or otherwise, which are crafted by creative people using the digital technique called simulation. With simulation you will note that special effects can be achieved through photography tricks and the like.

Simulated Olympic Videos

Recently, the holding of the 2012 Olympics in London has encouraged more YouTube account holders to simulate the Olympics opening ceremonies and other succeeding events to come up with amazing videos. When viewing these types of videos, the impact of the simulation effects result to a different feel that usually heightens the viewing experience. However some YouTube followers have raised the question about the authenticity of the said Olympic videos. Because of the special effects employed in the simulation, they feel there is an element of deceit because the actual action is somewhat altered through the simulation method. There may not be a problem though with simulating the opening ceremonies of the games because the combined spectacle of musical numbers, choreographed dance and other stunning numbers in the ceremonies are ideal subjects for video simulation. In fact, with simulation, the pageant will even be highlighted for greater visual effects.

Videos of Actual Competitions

As already pointed out earlier, the video of the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics may be simulated for optimum visual results. However this may not apply to the main events such as swimming, gymnastics, track and field and others because the simulation method might jeopardize the conduct real event as it happened on its actual moment. Except perhaps when you want to achieve a special impact for, say, swimming, then you can, by all means put up a simulation video. This is usually done with archived games or those events, which have already concluded and ready to go to the files. YouTube users may want to work on the video and inject some artistic style on it by using slow motion, fast forward and stop motions, still photos and backdrop shots or whatever he wants to use to draw attention to the video.

Vimeo against YouTube

One fast rising Internet video channel aside from YouTube is Vimeo. If you browse on this site now you will notice that it has come up with simulation Olympics video. The videos are nice and cute and are good for entertainment and fun but they do not show the actual Olympics events as they actually happened. Anyhow, the purpose of the videos is not really to document the events but to present a fun alternative from the more serious video coverage on YouTube.
This year’s Olympics events are considered as the grandest games ever held since its founding in Greece many years ago. The grandeur of the events is even intensified with social media network coverage. YouTube is the best and most competent video channel that airs the events day by day. Whether or not the videos in this site are simulated, the channel still achieves its purpose of sharing with YouTube audience some quick snippets as well as completes visual accounts of the games.