Nov 17, 2011

First Buy Real Marketing Giveaway Contest Winner

Good Morning Everyone!

Remember the contest, "First Buy Real Marketing Giveaway Contest" that we hosted last month? This morning, I picked the winner via I'm sorry if I announce it so late. :( Been very busy with social media stuffs these past few weeks so please forgive my forgetfulness.

Anyway, here's the lucky winner now! She is Vix Parungao of Mum Hearts Giveaways.

She won the following:

  • 500 Facebook likes for your Facebook fanpage*
  • 500 Twitter followers for your twitter account*
  • 500 Tumblr followers for your Tumblr blog*
  • 500 Youtube views for one of your video*
Please email me your Facebook fan page link, Twitter account, Tumblr blog and Youtube video where you want us to send it :) Congratulations Vix!

We will host another contest this month and we will be giving more prizes! Watch out for that.

Here are the screenshot from