Dec 13, 2012

Facebook Improves Privacy Setting – Allows Users to Take Down Photos

Before I was like dissing about how Instagram has turned wayward against Twitter by pulling out from the Twitter cards integration. Now since I exhausted that social media news that was not really a big deal at all.

The flavor of the day is Facebook and their plans for new privacy setting tweaks that they will be rolling out one of these days. 

Apparently, the new tweaks allow Facebook users to take down embarrassing photos owned by friends on the site. How does that work? No, it’s not simply untagging yourself. That does not work because even when you untag yourself your photos will still be appearing on your friends’ timeline. So it’s still there in all it’s shameful glory.

Facebook now has presented the ultimate solution that is better than untagging – a form letter to ask Facebook users to take down photos.

That’s it???

What happens when the owner of the photos don’t want to take it down? What can Facebook do then?
Hmm not really sure about that. I bet this scenario has not come up to any discussion. Well, you can always block the person, but what purpose will it serve? Your face is still on his or her photo gallery.

The real great thing about this privacy update is its accessibility. Now users have privacy shortcuts on every page of their Facebook, so we all can edit our privacy settings quite easily.

This is pretty much big news to noobs who do not know where is where on Facebook. What do you think?

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  1. A more improve way to secure yourself in Facebook. Great job!


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