Sep 19, 2012

How To Be A Famous Music Artist Online

People love to sing though they don't have the voice and some are just gifted and got a really good voice, the reason why Youtube has full of music videos from very talented musicians.

While some people sing, some don't have that talent but they got the instruments that can make a voice very powerful - one reason why a good song is created.

But there are lots of music stuff that can be used to make a good song. Most of these them are taking efforts to share their talents through Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud and other social media sites where the music lovers can be. But one of the hardest part of it is how they promote it to become viral.

This is what we're going to talk about here. We'll teach you simple steps to market your music videos.

Personality - Confidence and good personality of a musician is a big factor why people subscribe on your videos. Though this is not what people notice at first but if you got the powerful voice that makes stun while listening to your song, and got the killer looks that makes them fall in love while watching you sing, they'll be curious about you and your personal stuff. 

The personality of popular musicians I know are humble, have self-respect, witty, smart, appreciative, and true to their selves. This is what people admire for most of our legendary musicians in the industry and you can see them until now, shining and kicking. And if you got these personalities, you'll capture them wholly and will for sure subscribe in any videos that you make for them even until you go to other dimension of life (sounds exaggerated but true).

Persistent and Interactive - Sometimes showing yourself once or twice to the public is not enough because of growing numbers of talented people who wants to become like you - popular. The only way you can make yourself visible to people without annoying them is to be interactive to your audience. Show them how you made the videos, your obstacles while you made them and how you make it through. I promise, they're going to appreciate it. It's also the best way to know them more about you - show them not only the best in you but also your faults because it's one thing that they admire most, a strong and real person behind a beautiful song they're listening to.

Creativity and Uniqueness - You notice there are lots of songs out there but there are only few that really survive? The reason is, they didn't use their creativity to make a unique one. Raps, RnB, HipHop, Alternative and other genre we hear everywhere and most of them have the same tune, almost same voice and same style... those are lame ones and only few subscribes them (too rude to say but the reality), not unless you created a very special effects on your video that makes them hooked to it (but that's still categorized as creativity but in visual side). Even if one person is only in love with one genre, this person also wants to hear different twists on the songs of that kind of music to not bore themselves. 

Creativeness is not only to improve the tunes, but also the lyrics, style and video effects. But find out what people likes on your videos and know the commonalities of those and don't change anything on it but make it as your best ingredients for your next songs.

Social Sharing - While others are busy listening to other songs on Youtube, Souncloud and other tools, they didn't notice the launching of yours. What you can do to make them hear the best of you, you should learn how to socialize. People are in Facebook, Twitter, Google +, even in Youtube and other social networking sites. Look for them on FB groups, #hashtags, G+ groups and other communities and join them where your most audience is dwelling and introduce yourself. Interact with them and share them what you've got! In that way, if they like it, they'll share it to their friends and friends of their friends and your music video will become very viral. That's the time you can say to yourself that you are a certified FAMOUS in digital world.

Hope this helps!

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